Athens’ Skeletonwitch at the Knitting Factory tonight

Since forming in Athens, Ohio, in 2003, Skeletonwitch has earned the admiration and respect of metal heads across the country. After releasing their debut album, At One with the Shadows, with Shredded Records, they signed to Prosthetic Records and have been with the label ever since. Last October, they released Forever Abomination, their fourth album, and are currently on a massive tour with Havok in support of the record that sees them playing almost every night until the middle of November. The album, which is the first to feature new drummer Dustin Boltjes, continues in the vein of previous releases, combining elements of thrash and death metal while underpinning it all with classic hooks. Tonight Skeletonwitch hits Brooklyn to play the Knitting Factory. To get a taste of what to expect, check out the video below of “The Infernal Resurrection” from Forever Abomination.

Brothertiger at Glasslands tonight

Toledo-native John Jagos began making music under the moniker of Brothertiger while he was still a student at Ohio University, self-releasing his Vision Tunnels EP in 2010 before hooking up with Akron-based Collective Crowd Records for his 2011 EP, Point of View. This all led up to the release of his full-length debut, Golden Years, released in March by Mush Records. With its soft focus, ambient touches and cascading synth lines, the record is reminiscent of Washed Out, but Brothertiger also shows that he clearly has a voice of his own and pop instincts that transcend any niche.

Since the album’s release, Jagos has relocated to Brooklyn. Tonight he will be playing his first show in his new home at Glasslands, opening for Germany Germany at their album release party. Check out the video for “Lovers” from Golden Years below.