Jordan O’Jordan in Town As Part of Theatrical Work

Tonight, Debris upon the Forest Floor will make its Brooklyn premier tonight at 8pm at Great Small Works (20 Jay Street, Studio 214). The play is a collaboration between writer Madeline Ffitch of The Missoula Oblongata, textile artist Elspeth Vance, and musician Jordan O’Jordan. Jordan is a native of Waverly, Ohio, who put out an album, Not Style Nor Season Nor Hard-Handed Lesson, with Columbus Discount Records in 2005 before leaving the Heart of It All for Seattle, where he’s continued to sporadically make records. The play’s producers describe it thusly:

In 1959, a hockey goaltender finally got tired of the brutality of his position. He took the stairs to the fifth floor. He asked his friend and neighbor, a prosthetist, to construct a mask. He wore that mask out onto the ice. It would be fourteen years before wearing a hockey mask was anything more than a personal choice.

During those years of turmoil, an archivist became electrified by a mountain lion, and neighbors became friends. They strove to regain lost human skill, to invent a secret phrase, to put their hands into the mycelium, all while evading the sinister third party.

Our set is a lush and intricately constructed world of oak, seaweed, wool, perfume, and plaster of Paris. Our story fits inside a book, is encased in a cupboard, and expands to the ceiling. We ask you to become our allies, to remember a time when we could run as fast as horses, when our powers of memorization were uncanny, and when we could take photographs with our eyes.