Interview: Kevin Wolfe

Tomorrow night, we will be gathering at The Owl Farm once again for our monthly mixer. This month we’ve solicited a professional to take over the DJ duties: Kevin Wolfe, a.k.a. DJ Kevington. Kevin is one third of the team responsible for Mondo NYC, an indie pop dance party that takes place once a month at Cameo Gallery. While he’ll be mixing in some tunes from the Heart of It All, I expect him to also show off his forte, so consider this mixer the dance party edition. In anticipation, I submitted some questions to Kevin via email and he was kind enough to respond.

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This Day in Ohio Birthdays: Gloria Steinem

On this day in 1934, women’s lib pioneer Gloria Steinem was born in Toledo, where she grew up and attended Waite High School. She spent much of her childhood tending to her mother, who suffered from mental illness and had divorced Steinem’s father when Gloria was 10 years old. Steinem went to Smith College, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, she went to work as a journalist. As a freelance writer in the early ’60s, she contributed an article to Esquire on contraception that focused on how women are forced to choose between marriage and careers, and wrote a feature on New York’s Playboy Club exposing the sexual demands made on women working as bunnies there.

After helping found New York magazine in 1968, Steinem co-founded Ms. magazine in 1972. In Gloria: In Her Own Words, an HBO documentary, she said, “I realized as a journalist that there really was nothing for women to read that was controlled by women, and this caused me along with a number of other women to start Ms. magazine.” But even before Ms. put the spotlight on women’s issues like abortion and domestic violence, Steinem had become a leader of the women’s movement when she actively campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment and testified before a senate judiciary committee. While Steinem has founded numerous organizations and continued to be active in women’s and feminist movements throughout her career, she has also protested against apartheid and the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Last year, Steinem was named the American Humanist Association’s Humanist of the Year. Today, she is 79.

Brothertiger at Glasslands tonight

Toledo-native John Jagos began making music under the moniker of Brothertiger while he was still a student at Ohio University, self-releasing his Vision Tunnels EP in 2010 before hooking up with Akron-based Collective Crowd Records for his 2011 EP, Point of View. This all led up to the release of his full-length debut, Golden Years, released in March by Mush Records. With its soft focus, ambient touches and cascading synth lines, the record is reminiscent of Washed Out, but Brothertiger also shows that he clearly has a voice of his own and pop instincts that transcend any niche.

Since the album’s release, Jagos has relocated to Brooklyn. Tonight he will be playing his first show in his new home at Glasslands, opening for Germany Germany at their album release party. Check out the video for “Lovers” from Golden Years below.