Where to watch Ohio football in New York City


As summer turns to autumn, many an Ohioan’s mind turns to the sport of football. (There’s a reason the Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton.) This weekend marks the start of the NFL season, and like many other Ohio ex-pat football fans, you may be wondering where you can support Browns and Bengals instead of Jets and Giants. While there is probably no way to truly escape New York fans cheering on the hometown teams, there are several enclaves around the city for orange contingencies, be it orange and brown or orange and black. Continue Reading →

Where to Watch Buckeye Football 2.0

While I’ve told you previously about where to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes each Saturday, I’ve been remiss in checking to see if that information still holds true for this season. As it turns out, the Ohio State Alumni Club of Greater New York has moved its weekly gatherings from Tonic to Stout. Subsequently, the reservation process has changed as well. To make a reservation to join your fellow Buckeyes by phone, call 212-629-6191 and let Stout know that your reservation is for the OSU game watch. Or you can email info@stoutnyc.com by including the following:

  • Subject of email: Game Watch Reservation _____ (fill in game date)
  • Party name (first and last name required)
  • Phone number
  • Number of people in party
  • Time of reservation (if different than the time of kick-off)

Reservations cannot be made by e-mail after 7pm on the day before the game (i.e. today), but you can call up to 15 minutes before kick off. Tables will only be kept until 5 minutes before kick-off, so also call if you are running late.

If all this is too complicated for you, though, Blondies Sports Bar on the upper west side and Manny’s on Second on the east side are still good places to go. Tomorrow in Columbus, OSU will play the University of California Golden Bears for the first time in 40 years. Kick-off is at noon, and the game will be broadcast on ABC.