Where to watch Ohio football in New York City


As summer turns to autumn, many an Ohioan’s mind turns to the sport of football. (There’s a reason the Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton.) This weekend marks the start of the NFL season, and like many other Ohio ex-pat football fans, you may be wondering where you can support Browns and Bengals instead of Jets and Giants. While there is probably no way to truly escape New York fans cheering on the hometown teams, there are several enclaves around the city for orange contingencies, be it orange and brown or orange and black. Continue Reading →

Where to watch the Cincinnati Reds in the playoffs

With the Cincinnati Reds winning the National League’s Central Division and thus taking on the San Francisco Giants tonight in the first of the five-game National League Division Series, it seemed like a good time to find out where Reds fans go to watch their team. That question proved to be difficult to answer without doing some major field work and/or market research. Famous as a Bengals bar, Phebe’s Tavern & Grill seems to be a de facto designation. However, in a post on its blog, Mustang Sally’s has declared that is welcoming Reds fans during the playoffs. The Chelsea bar promises to have the games on with the telecast audible, even if it conflicts with football. While they aren’t offering any beer or food specials, if you are creative (and young) enough to convince your waiter that you attend FIT, you can get a 10% discount. Easier, though, is filling out one of their comment cards.

The Reds have won four games against the Giants this year, while San Francisco has won three. Pitching tonight will be the Reds’ Cy Young candidate Johnny Cueto, who will take on Matt Cain. Tonight’s game is being broadcast on TBS, and as it’s being played in California, doesn’t start until 9:30 Eastern time. If anyone has other suggestions for where to watch the game, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

Cincinnati Bengals kick off season against Baltimore tonight

Tonight, the Cincinnati Bengals will begin their season with an away game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens, who finished first in the AFC North Division last year, are favored to win over the Bengals, who finished third in the same division. The game, which begins at 7pm, will be broadcast on ESPN. However, if you feel like getting out of the house, as I mentioned last season, Phebe’s in the East Village is the place to be. They serve Cincinnati-style chilli, have beer specials, and play the Bengals fight song whenever the team scores a touchdown. Get there early, though, as a line to get in often forms when the Bengals play. If you are in Brooklyn, I’ve also heard that Cody’s American Grill (154 Court Street) in Cobble Hill is another watering hole popular with Bengals fans.

Bengals in New York

While it may be a shock to Columbus residents, Ohio football is more than just Buckeyes. There are, of course, two NFL teams, and to football fans from Cincinnati and Cleveland, that’s all that matters. If you are of the former and a Bengals fan, there is one place to go to watch the game in New York: Phebe’s. Phebe’s has been at 359 Bowery (near 4th Street) for four decades, but the location has been a watering hole of one name or another going back to the early 20th century. On Sundays, the tavern serves Cincy-style chili, and though I’m not sure if there’s spaghetti to go with it, there are $3 Budweisers. Tomorrow, the Bengals play the Tennessee Titans at 4:05.